The Answer You’ve Been Looking For

Your body has the answer to all of your problems. You’ve ignored its knowledge probably your entire life, which is why your body is currently in a state of physical exhaustion, pain, and fatigue, and doing things that are unusual for you like shaking hands, non-stop migraines, sexual dysfunction, nausea, fainting, sudden weight gain/loss – I could keep going… Because of this you’re also stuck in a vicious emotional cycle of ups and downs, happy days and sad, depressing, frustrating days. Mentally you struggle to focus on anything positive, as well as fail to make any future plans for yourself and family because you cannot see anything constructive happening while you are trying so desperately to manage what is happening within your body. Your body always takes precedence over anything else you have planned for yourself, your life, your relationships, your family, your friends, your job, etc.

Basically, your body is starting to shut down. It’s moving from homeostasis to disease because you refuse to listen to it. To no fault of your own either. What I provide is not something that is taught mainstream, nor is it even a thought to refer out for from a doctor’s perspective.

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