“My name is Dr. Felicia Conner, DC, DICCP. I have been a patient of Dr. Andy Paull’s and think very highly of his skills and his bedside manner. He adjusts better than most Chiropractors I have seen and I have seen many. He is a very competent, warm, caring doctor. I would still be his patient if I hadn’t moved to the twin cities. Janesville is lucky to have him.”

– Felicia Conner, DC, DICCP

“Dr. Andy Paull is amazing! Great for all chiropractic needs. Back injury, tilted pelvis, hip alignments, and pregnancy!!!”

– L. Wobig

“Dr. Andy has a ton of patience with this patient. He takes his time to walk through exactly what your symptoms are rather than just jumping in like some chiropractors I’ve seen. Their front staff is kind as well. Overall, a very positive and pain relieving experience.”

– Steve Knox

“I’ve seen Dr. Andy for 4 years. I love that I can bring my 3 children with and there are always stickers, mints, and crayons to keep them occupied if needed 🙂 As a busy active mom, I always feel better after my appointments! One time I hurt myself pretty bad sledding with my boys…a couple adjustments later I was back to new! Thank you Dr. Andy for always being a friendly face.”

– M. M.

“Thank you so much, Dr. Paull. I knew my hips were hurting, but after my adjustment, I realized how much I had been hurting. I feel human again!! Woo hoo! I feel absolutely amazing! Thank you so much!”

– Jen K.