Operation Stay Healthy – an awesome CHALLENGE for you and your family to stay crew that is FUN, helpful and healthy, and maybe the best part – will give you something to do! 😝

Step 1 – Print off 💻📲 the Operation Stay Healthy Guide below

Step 2 – Take a picture 📸 each day of one or more of these 5 action steps going down for your family (have some fun with it!)

Step 3 – Post it on your Social Media stories and feed and be sure to tag Paull Chiropractic Family Wellness Center and use the hashtag #OperationStayHealthy as well!

Coolest part — This challenge is being shared with hundreds of Pediatric and Family Chiropractors all over the world so that healthy, happy, chiro families all over can stay “connected” and stay healthy TOGETHER!

Last part – we’ll keep track of all the posts and shares and each one will be entered into a Drawing in a few weeks with chances to win gift cards to local businesses like Basics , Crossfit 608, The Bodacious Shops, Doodle Mash Board Game, Hometown Hub and other health-minded local businesses seeing a tough go of it right now!

It’s a challenging time for all of us, in nearly every way… let’s stay healthy and get through this together as a community!

**DISCLAIMER – These statements, by no means, are meant to diagnose, treat, prevent or mitigate any disease or illness, including COVID-19.**