Flow Yoga
Enjoy a pick-me-up yoga break in this abbreviated Flow Yoga class. Centered in mindfulness, this class links together movements at a slow to moderate pace to create a link between the body, breath, and mind. Depending on the instructor and the needs of the students, this could be a moderate to strong class.


Hatha Yoga
Hatha Yoga takes a traditional approach to a comprehensive yoga experience. Each class will incorporate philosophy, breath work, movement, and meditation.
Movement will include foundational yoga poses with options given for all levels of practice. Through regular, persevering practice, you will gain strength, stability, flexibility, focus, and learn to still the mind.


Gentle Yoga
This practice is for those seeking relaxation, pain relief, flexibility, and body/mind awareness. We may explore any of the following – range of motion, Yin Yoga (long stretches), restorative, yoga nidra, sound healing, and practice breathing and meditation. All poses are done reclined, kneeling or seated so no balance required 🙂


Master Class
This 90 minute class is in the Classical Hatha Tradition and includes philosophy, asana (postures), pranayama (breathwork), and meditation. It is equally an opportunity for a novice to learn the breadth of yoga as well as a seasoned yogi to deepen and strengthen their practice.
-Philosophy includes thought provoking theories and wisdom teachings from yoga, Buddhism, and other eastern traditions and how they assist in the aim of yoga.
-Asanas include stretches, standing postures, inversions, and backbends.


Zen Circle
Come explore and discuss how topics of yoga theory can relate to life. Using Zen Tarot cards as a conversation starter, Amie will facilitate discussion about the rich nature of yoga.
This is a free offering to support our community. Everyone is welcome!


In order for our teachers to provide the best instruction possible and due to limited space, reservations are required using PunchPass.

If you have any issues please call the front desk to let them know which class you plan on attending!


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