Amie Bier

Amie started her Yoga Teacher Training in 2014 through the Healing Alchemy course at Ayurveda Yoga Academy in Daegu, South Korea.  After graduating from the course in 2015 she applied for the Continuing Education course and began teaching group classes at the studio under the guidance and support of her teachers.  She continued teaching classes there until June 2021!  For the past 6 years She has repeatedly participated in the Continuing Education course to keep deepening her understanding of herself, her happiness and how to keep using yoga in her daily life.




Micaela Miller

Micaela is a very talented MATC trained massage therapist, dedicated yogi, actor, baker, wife, and cat mom to Tibs. She completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training through My Vinyasa Practice in Austin, Texas. Since a young age, yoga has helped her with many physical and mental struggles including stress and anxiety and eventually led her into the world of holistic wellness.  She brings an active yet grounded energy to her flow style classes. You can expect a balanced practice with mindful warm up, physical challenge, and relaxing cool down with respect to different body types and experience levels. When she’s not yoga-ing, you might find her sipping tea, slinging scones at Mocha Moment, or on stage at JPAC.




Meesh is a licensed therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, thinker, wife, and student of yoga teaching. Her approach to both therapy and yoga classes are guided by her own experience of healing her mind and body through a combination of academic studies, physical practices, alternative therapies, and intuition. She has received college degrees in psychology, biology, and community counseling and continues to be a lifelong learner. When not on the mat or in session, she enjoys recreating recipes to make delicious gluten and dairy free food and is focusing on starting a family with her husband, Phil. Her goal is to bring aspects of yogic philosophy and the physical asanas into therapy sessions; and to bring aspects of managing mental health onto the yoga mat.




Shannon is a Certified Yoga Teach who completed training through the Yoga & Ayurveda Center out of Pennsylvania. Shannon is dedicated to the 8-Limbed Path of Yoga. She has been practicing meditation for over a decade, and finds great fulfillment in guiding others in the practice. With an academic background in psychology & physics, she is fascinated by the science behind yoga and loves sharing her knowledge and insights. Shannon believes that self-love is not selfish, and that through Yoga we can cultivate deep, loving relationships with ourselves and others.